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Biotechnologia Acta Т. 16, No. 1 , 2023
P. 40-50, Bibliography 36, Engl.
UDC:  631.147.99 

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Nataliia Оhоrоdnyk1, Оksana Svarchevska 2, Olha Shved 3, Teobald Kupka 4

1 Liviv National Environmental University, Ukraine
2 Stepan Gzhytskyi National University of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnologies of Lviv, Ukraine
3 Lviv Polytechnic National University, Ukraine
4 Opole University, Institute of Chemistry, Polska

The article is devoted to highlighting the state and prospects for the development of organic production in Ukraine. The main requirements for the production, classification and labeling of organic products of animal and plant origin are presented. The current legal norms governing their certification and circulation are emphasized. The key provisions regarding evaluation and regulation in this field of activity are reflected. The stages of improvement of the domestic legislative framework of organic production are shown on the way of adaptation to European standards.Purpose. To highlight the state and prospects for the development of organic production in Ukraine and the improvement of the legislative framework of organic production on the way to adaptation to European standards.

Materials and methods. Methodical analysis and abstract-logical method for summarizing the criteria for evaluating the formation, development and integration of domestic organic production into the structure of the world production of safe products of animal husbandry and crop production.

Results. The article describes in detail the development of the organic movement, which is a promising lever for food security in Ukraine. Therefore, the work on the legal regulation of the activities of domestic producers of organic products does not stop. The legislation is improving in the direction of introducing effective state support in this area at the regional and national levels. Of course, organic feed production, animal husbandry and crop production will continue to exist in parallel with non-organic production. However, the principles and relationship of these systems will depend significantly on the availability of energy sources, plant protection products, fertilizers, soil fertility, care for the preservation of the natural environment, ensuring welfare population and its needs in healthy nutrition. In addition, for the restoration of agricultural lands, demining and bioremediation with the use of bacterial and phytoremediation of soil and water resources should be applied. For this, after the liberation of our state, a return to the peaceful management of the national economy is necessary. We believe in the victory and restoration of Ukraine with the help of allied states and people of good will.

Key words: organic products, certification, marking, European standards, legal principles of organic market regulation.

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