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ISSN 2410-7751 (Print)
ISSN 2410-776X (Online)

 5 2015

"Biotechnologia Acta" V. 8, No 5, 2015
Р. 48-54, Bibliography 15, English
Universal Decimal Classification: 541.49:546.47


E. V. Matseliukh 1, N. A. Nidialkova 1, V. V. Krout' 1, L. D. Varbanets 1,
A. V. Kalinichenko 2, V. F. Patyka 1

1 Institute of Microbiology and Virology of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, Kyiv
2 Opole University, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Technology, Opole, Poland

The purpose of the research was a screening of proteases with elastase activity among Bacillus thuringiensis strains, their isolation, partially purification, study of physicochemical properties and insecticide activity in relation to the larvae of the Colorado beetle. The objects of the investigation were 18 strains of B. thuringiensis, isolated from different sources: sea water, dry biological product "Bitoksibatsillin" and also from natural populations of Colorado beetles of the Crimea, Kherson, Odesa, Mykolaiv and Zaporizhiia regions of Ukraine. Purification of enzymes with elastase activity isolated from above mentioned strains was performed by gel-chromatography and insecticide activity was studied on the 3–4 larvae instar of Colorado beetle. The ability of a number of B. thuringiensis strains to synthesize the proteases with elastase activity has been established. The most active were enzymes obtained from strains IMV B-7465, IMV B-7324 isolated from sea water, and strains 9, 902, Bt-H and 0-239 isolated from Colorado beetles. The study of the physicochemical properties of the partially purified proteases of these strains showed that they belonged to enzymes of the serine type. Peptidases of a number of B. thuringiensis strains (IMV B-7324, IMV B-7465, 902, 0-239, 9) are metal-dependent enzymes. Optimal conditions of action of all tested enzymes are the neutral and alkaline рН values and the temperatures of 30–40 °С. The studies of influence of the complex enzyme preparations and partially purified ones of B. thuringiensis strains on the larvae instar of Colorado beetles indicated that enzymes with elastase activity could be responsible for insecticide action of the tested strains.

Key words: Bacillus thuringiensis, elastase activity, insecticide activity.

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