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ISSN 1995-5537

2 2010

«Biotechnology» journal, Vol. 3, No. 2, 2010

С. 82 – 88, Bibliography. 19, Russian..
Universal Decimal classification: 636.5.082.453
Poultry Research Institute of the Ukraine Academy of Agrarian Sciences, Borki,
Zmiev District of Kharkіv Region
Three types of the cells for production of avian germ line chimeras: blastodermal, blood and gonad cells were used. Blastodermal cells were isolated from freshly-laid eggs, blood and gonad cells — from embryos of 13-14 and 28 stages of development respectively and were cultured for 15 days. For the first time busulfan as an agent suppressing proliferation of host primordial germ cells was used for production of avian chimeras at blastoderm stage. Only in the case of blastoderm cells using germ line chimeras were obtained. The method allows germ line chimeras production at the level of 70% and expressiveness of the property varies from 4 to 61%.

Key words: bird, blastodermal cells, primordial germ cells, chimeras, busulfan.

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